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Quinn is a character in Dream Daddy. Depending on where you meet him, he is a DJ, a quiz host, or a tour guide.

Quizzmaster Quinn wears many hats. Figuratively. Physically he just has the one. He loves trivia, ghost facts, DJing, and oversharing to strangers.


On Hugo's Date

When you arrive at the restaurant and Hugo decides you should compete in a pubquiz together, you will encounter Quizzmaster Quinn, who is now a quiz host. He will be really motivated to talk about trivia, but quickly descend into talking about his wife, who doesn't want kids and also doesn't want to talk to him, which he excuses as "Classic Quizzmaster Quinn Humor". Then he will start asking you trivia questions.

The first category is Literature.

  1. "This is the continent that encompasses the realms of Gondor, Rohan, Mordor, and Lothórien. Other notable sites include Isengard, the Mirkwood, and Rivendell. What is the Elvish name for this continent?" ("Endor.")
  2. "Who was the writer that created Tarzan and John Carter of Mars?" ("Edgar Rice Burroughs.")
  3. "Edmond Dantes is better known as this man..." ("The Count of Monte Cristo.")

He will then walk around the room and comment on your "nice cheese plate". He will also tell you, that cheese used to be his favorite food but he developed a lactose intolerance later in life as well as clinical depression. Then he starts a new round. Hugo shows concern for him and hopes that all his comments are just part of an elaborate act.

The next round is Cinema.

  1. "In Return of the Jedi, what does Luke ask Leia if she remembers?" ("Their Mother.")
  2. "What entertainer makes a 4th wall breaking appearance in the film Gremlins 2?" ("Hulk Hogan.")
  3. "Which of these 80's horror movies does not feature an Indian Burial Ground as part of its setting" ("Poltergeist.")

The next category will be Wrestling. Quinn reveals that he can only process his emotions by making jokes about them. This is the lightning round. The first people to answer get the points.

  1. "This was the original name of Stone Cold Steve Austin in his debut for the WWE." (Hugo will answer: "Steve Austin debuted as the Ringmaster.")
  2. "This city was the location of the first ever Wrestlemania." (again, Hugo will answer: "The first Wrestlemania was held in New York, New York at Madison Square Garden in 1985.")
  3. "This title match went down in history as the shortest match at Wrestlemania to date." (and again, Hugo will answer: "Chavo vs. Kane!")

However Quizzmaster Quinn will argue that it was in fact "Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus at Wrestlemania 28". Hugo will be disappointed about that and argue that the answer is wrong. Quinn reveals that he doesn't actually write the questions and just reads them. In the end, Hugo will back down because the crowd starts laughing and the game continues.

The final category is Cool Animals.

  1. "The Canary Islands were named after what kind of animal?" ("Dogs.")
  2. "What is the last animal that appears in the dictionary?" ("Zyzzyva (a type of American weavil).")
  3. "What mammal has the thickest concentration of fur in nature?" ("Otter.")

He will then come around and collect all the scorecards to see who came out on top. Quinn will also remind you that the winning team gets a $25 gift card to Phil's Autocare. ("If you need a car part, Phil's will fulPHIL all your needs!")

Then Quinn will go in the back to tally up the score. After a couple of minutes, he jogs back into the room and will announce who won the pubquiz (depending on how many questions you answered right). He will then have a mental breakdown.

On Joseph's Date

When you arrive at the dance mixer that Joseph is the chaperone for, right after you "fixed" the banner, Joseph will remark that the DJ should be here by now and Quinn, now a DJ, will enter with his equipment. Joseph will ask him where the "usual guy" is, who apparently is named Evan and knows exactly when to play the Cupid Shuffle. Quinn however informs you that he has sold all his DJ equipment to backpack through Europe and that he envies him. This prompts Joseph to ask if he is alright, but he brushes him off and tells you his new persona – DJ Spinmaster Quinn.

He will tell you that he usually does trivia nights, pointing to his Quizzmaster Quinn persona, but moonlights on the ones and twos to give himself a sense of purpose. Joseph will ask him about his playlist but he will not give a direct answer and then leave to set up his equipment. As soon as he is gone, you will remark that he sounded like he was just going to play Creep by Radiohead on repeat.

After most of the kids arrive, he will start talking to the audience. He will once again start happy and motivated and then quickly deteriorate into talking about his depressive thoughts as well as his wife, telling the audience he hopes they can still work things out. After that, he starts playing Creep by Radiohead.

No one really wants to dance to his music though and Amanda suggests that you and Joseph should cheer him up, while refusing to help you. So you and Joseph make your way over to his DJ booth, where he is having a quiet cry. He tries to make up excuses for playing sad songs, but ultimately collapses and has a mental breakdown. Still, even when he puts on some dance hall anthems, no one really is dancing. It seems it's still up to you and Joseph to make the teenagers dance.

On Robert's Date

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